Keolis Downer is Australia's largest private provider of multi-modal public transport

Our Vision

To be the partner of choice for public transport authorities

Our Mission

Keolis Downer will be the transport partner of choice for clients and the community for the long-term by:

Understanding and shaping the city fabric

Thinking like a passenger

Ensuring zero harm

Always learning

Delivering value-for-money

Our Values






210 million

passenger journeys






light rail vehicles




focus - our customers

About Us

Keolis Downer is Australia’s largest private provider of multi-modal public transport. We are the largest light rail operator in Australia and one of the nation’s most significant bus operators. Keolis Downer provides services to more than 210 million people each year.

Our operations combine world leading expertise and deep local knowledge combining the experience of French public transport company Keolis, and one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading engineering and infrastructure management firms, Downer.

Created in 2009, Keolis Downer successfully tendered for the Yarra Trams franchise. Yarra Trams in Melbourne is the world’s largest light rail network. Recently, the partnership has been strengthened through the delivery of the G:link on the Gold Coast.

Keolis Downer was a key member of the successful GoldLinQ consortium selected by the Queensland Government in 2011 to deliver the Gold Coast Light Rail public-private partnership. G:link is the first Greenfield rail system in Australia for more than two decades,. The Gold Coast Light Rail entered operations in July 2014 and Keolis Downer also hold the operations and maintenance contract for the network. More than 5 million passengers have used the service in its first year of operations. Keolis Downer is now firmly established as Australia’s largest and most trusted provider of light rail services.

In May 2015, Keolis Downer entered the bus market through the acquisition of one of Australia’s leading bus operators with established operations in South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland. The bus operation includes over 1,600 employees and 930 buses and operates 91 long-term regular route and school bus services.

Keolis Downer has a long-term commitment to Australia and New Zealand and aspires to be the partner of choice for public transport authorities by delivering on our commitment to think like a passenger. At the heart of this approach, we work closely with our clients, the community and our customers in order to understand their objectives. We then work in partnership to deliver a shared vision for city or region.

Through our unique knowledge and experience in service development and network design, we are able to pair the needs of the community with a tailored transport solution that efficiently matches their demand, land use and economic activity. Keolis Downer is committed to the development of integrated transport solutions that provide seamless connections for people, supporting modern lifestyles and shaping urban environments.

Keolis Downer employs 4,000 staff and is headquartered in Sydney. We provide transport services to people across Australia, including Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and regional South Australia.



Keolis is one of Europe’s leading public transport operators, established in 15 countries on four continents. The Group has more than 100 years’ experience providing transport solutions for governments. SNCF, the French national rail operator, maintains a 70 per cent shareholder alongside Caisse de depot et de placement du Québec.


Downer is a leading provider of services to customers in markets including transportation, mining, energy and industrial engineering, utilities, communications and facilities. Downer is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange and has over 150 years of experience

Yarra Trams

Melbourne is the world’s largest and oldest light rail network
Keolis Downer hold the operation and maintenance franchise for the 250km network
Franchise commenced in 2009
The franchise includes an eight year initial period and a seven year extension
Provides over 180 million boardings each year
Around 500 trams


Greenfield light rail for the Gold Coast
GoldlinQ member for the 13km light rail
Keolis Downer are operations and maintenance provider for the network.
Commenced operations in July 2014
18 year contract awarded in 2011
>$1 billion PPP
Provides more than 5 million boardings each year
14 light rail vehicles


Major Western Australian metropolitan bus operator
Operates route and school bus services in Greater Perth
366 buses
5 depots


Major South Australian metropolitan bus operator
Operates route and school bus services
334 buses
7 depots


Large bus and coach operator in regional South Australia and beyond
Provider of a range of transport services including route, school, special bus and Dial-A-Ride services
141 buses
4 depots

Hornibrook Buslines

Major Metropolitan bus operator in Greater Brisbane
Major provider of route and school bus services
91 buses
4 depots

Think like a passenger

We know our services are part of the daily lives of hundreds of thousands of Australians.

From regional South Australia to the streets of Brisbane and beyond, thousands of journeys to work, school, university, the beach and cafes, your journey is also part of our daily commute.

We strive to make public transport the first choice for our customers whatever their reason to travel. It is crucial to us that despite the diversity of passengers, every customer feels that our service is designed with them in mind.

On the Gold Coast, our focus on the local customer resulted in the incorporation of a first of its kind surfboard rack on the G:link. G:link incorporates innovative customer information systems, including the My G: app for mobile devices and passenger information at stops.

In Melbourne, our customer focused has led to the development of the Premium Line 59 reducing travel time, improving comfort and through the roll-out of the built-in-Melbourne, for Melbourne eClass trams, providing more space to relax.

Keolis Downer’s bus operations realise that people build a special bond with their bus services and are commitment to ensuring our drivers and vehicles arrive on-time, clean and comfortable at your stop.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to understand our customers and the community and to work collaboratively to realise our shared aspirations for the transport network. Our team are committed to anticipating the needs of our customers and look beyond a single mode of transport to ensure that a journey is seamless, from door-to-door.

Read the Yarra Trams Customer Service Charter
Read the G:link Customer Service Charter

The Neolis Approach

Our understanding of travel patterns in founded in over 100 years’ experience delivering passenger transport. Keolis Downer embraces Keolis’ Neolis approach to network design and development refined through application around the world.

Through the Neolis approach we collaborate with the community to design transport networks that match travel demands. This customer-focused, ground up approach to network design is revolutionary and can go against established thinking on the provision of transport.

Our goal is to accommodate demand for transport with an appropriate service, rather than to modify supply to best match demand. Our results are seen in increased public transport use, improved customer satisfaction and improved value for money for government.

The Neolis approach is part of our commitment to partner with governments and public transport authorities to understand the changing needs of cities and their inhabitants to match the provision of transport to changing lifestyles and growth.

At Keolis Downer the customer is at the heart of everything we do.